Port of Houston Authority Disparity Study

With a desire to aid local commerce and to promote economic development and job creation, the Port of Houston Authority (Port Houston) has commissioned a disparity study to evaluate equal opportunity and fairness in its procurement and contracting process.

The Port has partnered with Griffin & Strong, P.C. (GSPC) a law and public policy consulting firm, to complete this study. The study will gather information necessary to determine whether all qualified firms have the maximum practicable opportunity to compete for and participate in PHA’s procurement of prime contracts and associated subcontracts and, if indicated by the evidence, will support the use of strategies to ensure such opportunity.

Over the course of this study, there will be several ways the local business community can be involved. GSPC will be conducting interviews (both in person and via sample), public hearings, and other public engagement meetings. If your firm is contacted to provide input, we thank you for your participation. For any questions, comments, or other commentary you desire to provide, you may also email us at PHADisparityStudy@gspclaw.com

The telephone survey for the 2020 Port Houston Disparity Study is underway. If you receive a phone call from Vesta Rea & Associates on behalf of Port Houston and Griffin & Strong, P.C., please participate. Your feedback is vital as we work to improve the Port Houston business community for all.



GSPC desires the participation of local business, civic, and trade organizations and their membership. Your organization may be contacted to participate. If you desire to meet with GSPC to discuss your organization’s perspective on working with Port Houston, contact us at PHADisparityStudy@gspclaw.com

Anecdotal Interviews

The Disparity Study will provide opportunity for feedback from business owners about experiences, both positive and negative, contracting with Port Houston. Anecdotal interviews are one on one interviews with business owners to discuss their experiences doing business with Port Houston or navigating business development in the region.

This testimony can play a critical role in improving current programs. Beginning with our Informational meetings, scheduled for October 22nd, 2019, the Disparity Study anecdotal process will involve the completion of anecdotal interviews, public hearings and focus groups.

Firms may be contacted by GSPC representatives for interviews. If contacted, we encourage your honest and transparent feedback.

Email Comment

For those who are not contacted to participate in an interview or focus group, are unavailable due to scheduling conflict, or generally uncomfortable providing public testimony but wish to provide anecdotal evidence on your experiences doing business in and with Port Houston, you may email us anytime with anecdotal comments or questions at PHADisparityStudy@gspclaw.com.


Informational Meetings

To learn more about this study, how to be involved and to address any questions or concerns, please attend one of our community information meetings:

If Interested please Register using Eventbrite. Registration is encouraged, but not required for attendance.


Public Hearings

At the public hearings, comments regarding both positive and negative interactions with Port Houston. Businesses and community members will be heard and recorded by a court reporter. All comments provided during the public hearings will become a part of the public record and will be included in the study analysis.

June 17th 12pm CST Virtual Public Hearing Click here to register

Social Media

For information about scheduled events and study updates, feel free to follow Griffin & Strong, P.C. on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You may also provide commentary regarding the study via social media, regardless of whether you are selected for a random interview. If you wish to provide a comment regarding your experiences, whether positive or negative, in doing business in Houston or with Port Houston, please reach us on social media.

To follow updates on Port Houston or future opportunities, you may follow @Port_Houston.

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